The Importance of Home Staging

Many sellers ask what things they can do to get their home in the best-showing condition possible prior to listing their home. We love it when homes show well, but we also do not want our clients to break the bank staging their home for sale. Here is a short list of inexpensive items sellers can do fairly easily to help their home show at … Continue reading The Importance of Home Staging

5 Snow Removal Tips

Despite a mild start to the season, winter has officially arrived and with that comes snow removal. While it may seem straight forward, here are 5 tips to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your driveway, sidewalk, and landscape. Most importantly, your safety and health should be your first priority. Shoveling can be an extensive workout for those who are not typically active. Be sure to … Continue reading 5 Snow Removal Tips

Navigating Property Taxes

When it comes to owning a home, you need to factor in property taxes when considering your monthly expenses. It’s important to understand how they’re assessed and how they differ across cities and counties. There are several factors that are considered when determining your property taxes. As a result, every city will assess them slightly differently. Assessed Value of Property This is the most obvious and … Continue reading Navigating Property Taxes

Featured Vendor Friday – Tom Gillund of Morgan Stanley

With the new year comes resolutions to get your finances in order. This week we are featuring Tom Gillund, a financial planner with Morgan Stanley. Team Lucky Duck: How did you get started as a financial planner? Tom Gillund: Being a business owner myself, I saw the values of strong financial planning. So three years ago I made a career out of it. TLD: Why … Continue reading Featured Vendor Friday – Tom Gillund of Morgan Stanley

Old School vs. Present Day Real Estate

The way the real estate industry ran before the internet versus how it operates today is drastically different. We thought it would be fun to look back and see how far the home buying and selling process has come. Going all the way back to the 1800s, real estate brokers would gather at their local association to share information on properties for sale. This is how … Continue reading Old School vs. Present Day Real Estate

6 Secrets To Hiring The Best Realtor

With nearly 1.2 million realtors across the nation, it can feel overwhelming to pick the agent that is going to be the best fit for you. Here are six secrets to hiring a great realtor. 1.Do Your Research  With the internet these days, it’s fairly easy to filter through hundreds of realtors to narrow down your options. You can check out their web presence and … Continue reading 6 Secrets To Hiring The Best Realtor

Featured Vendor Friday – Jason Hudoba with Wintrust Mortgage

This week we are so fortunate to have trusted mortgage lender, Jason Hudoba of Wintrust here to answer our questions for Featured Vendor Friday! Team Lucky Duck: How long have you been in the mortgage industry? Jason Hudoba: I started in the mortgage in 2000 during a time in the industry when there were small mortgage shops set up all over the place. I spent the last … Continue reading Featured Vendor Friday – Jason Hudoba with Wintrust Mortgage