Featured Vendor Friday: AmeriSpec Home Inspections

We recommend that every buyer gets a professional to inspect a home before they purchase it. We appreciate the work AmeriSpec Inspection Services does for our clients and they’re here today to answer some questions about the inspection process.

Team Lucky Duck: Why is a home inspection important when purchasing a home?

AmeriSpec: It highlights different aspects of a home and uncovers any issues the property might have. If any concerns are brought up at inspection, they can be negotiated with the seller. However, once people leave the closing table, the buyers are responsible for anything that might go wrong in the home. It also helps buyers get familiar with their potential new home, as the inspector will educate them on maintenance and tips, such as how to shut the valves off. We even recommend inspections for new construction because it provides an impartial party to educate you with honest answers before buying your new home.

Team Lucky Duck: What is the process of an inspection and who should be there?

AmeriSpec: It typically takes about 2 hours and we encourage the buyers to be there. We will check out every nook and cranny of the home, including the attic, electrical wiring and outlets, plumbing, radon, foundation and more. Additionally, we will check the roof if the pitch and weather allow. We print the report on site for the buyer and then send an electronic copy to their agent to review as well.

Team Lucky Duck: Why do people test for radon?

AmeriSpec: Most people have never heard of radon. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Minnesota is a hot zone for radon and 1 in 3 homes come back with high levels of radon. It leads to 21,000 deaths per year so it is important to know if your home is safe before purchasing it. If you find that results show high levels of radon, you can negotiate mitigation of radon in your purchase agreement.

Team Lucky Duck: What are the most common issues you find at an inspection?

AmeriSpec: Electrical issues are the most common. We also frequently find rodents in the attic and rotting windows or doors that people don’t always notice.

Team Lucky Duck: What are the biggest safety concerns to pay attention to in an inspection?

AmeriSpec: Electrical issues are the biggest concern. Outlets too close to water sources or exposed wires can be very dangerous. We try to educate our customers on what are areas of concern and what issues are more minor so they have realistic requests for the sellers.

Team Lucky Duck: What are some precautions sellers can do to maintain their home and avoid flags on an inspection?

AmeriSpec: As we head into winter, it’s important to winterize your home. Now is the time that critters want to get into warmer spaces so it would be wise to lay traps for mice before they make their way inside.

Team Lucky Duck: What sets AmeriSpec apart from other inspectors?

AmeriSpec: All of our inspectors have been with us for more than 12 years and have done more than 5,500 inspections. Anyone can be considered an inspector but ours are experienced and well-trained to exceed the American Society of Home Inspectors standards. Also, we ensure live-voice answering so if you call us, you can expect an answer even on evenings and weekends. We try to be as accommodating as possible so we offer 15 time slots a day that an inspection could be scheduled.

We know our clients certainly appreciate AmeriSpec’s work and business standards. If you’re looking to hire an inspector or have further questions, you can reach AmeriSpec here. Thank you, AmeriSpec, for taking the time to answer our questions on inspections!

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