15 Signs You’re A Minnesota Homeowner

1. You own a rake for your yard and snow rake for your roof

2. 50 degree weather in the spring is perfectly acceptable to jump in the swimming pool

3.  You may run your A/C and furnace in the same week 

4.  You likely own a life jacket for everyone in the family

5. There is an ice house stored on the side of your garage half of the year

6. Your garage may be insulated and heated and you’ve even hosted a party in it

7. You’ve used your garage as extra freezer space during the holidays in the winter

8. You can mow the lawn and shovel your driveway in the same day.

9. You can find salt both in the kitchen and in the garage.

10. You put Christmas lights up in October and take them down in May when the weather is more mild.

12. You keep your porch light off in the summer to keep mosquitos from coming in your house

13. No matter how urban your home is, you may find deer or turkey hanging out in your backyard.

14. Your snowblower costs more than a mortgage payment

15. A percentage of your property taxes goes towards mosquito repellent

Minnesota Homeownership

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