Twin Cities Restaurants – Deliver & To Go During Social Distancing

As the Stay at Home order begins, we wanted to highlight some of the Twin Cities restaurants that have switched to provide take out and delivery options. Supporting these small, local business means a lot in the midst of uncertainty and closings for restaurants. Be sure to check websites and social media accounts before heading to any of the spots on this list. So many … Continue reading Twin Cities Restaurants – Deliver & To Go During Social Distancing

Free Online Learning for Kids

We know many of our clients have children and are likely doing their best to keep them learning and occupied while schools are closed.  We saw a couple of posts from Social Media that we thought we would share. Miss Kindergarten posted about online learning sites that are offering free resources that we thought be helpful. A scavenger hunt that can be played just inside … Continue reading Free Online Learning for Kids

Volunteering with Junior Achievement

In February each year, we volunteer with Junior Achievement in a local elementary school. Junior Achievement is a curriculum that is taught by volunteers over five weeks in their classroom. The program focuses on teaching children practical ideas about business, community and  entreprenuership. This year we are teaching the second graders and we focus on production of goods, taxes and how money flows through a … Continue reading Volunteering with Junior Achievement