Top 5 Private Schools in the Twin Cities

A study conducted by Niche reviewed 3,880 Minnesota private schools to reveal the top private schools in the state. The study factored in academic grades and student culture and diversity. A high-ranking indicates that the school has exceptional instructors and resources and that the students are happy with their experience both academically and through extracurricular school activities.

5. Mounds Park Academy

Photo courtesy of Safeway Driving School
Photo courtesy of Safeway Driving School

In at #5, Mounds Park Academy instructs 569 students PK-12 in St. Paul, MN. With above average ACT and SAT scores, students from Mounds have moved on to higher education at outstanding institutions such as the University of Minnesota, Boston University, Georgetown, Vanderbilt and the University of St. Thomas.

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4. Minnetonka Christian Academy

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

With 28 students grades PK-8, Minnetonka Christian Academy is a private Adventist school in Minnetonka, MN. The school boasts a diverse group of high-performing students, making it #4 on Niche’s list of best private schools in Minnesota.

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3. Breck School

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Coming in at #3, Breck School hosts 1,095 students grades PK-12 in Golden Valley, MN. With a unique teaching atmosphere and diverse set of students, Breck students score are above the national average in ACT and SAT testing. With recent renovations, the school is able to provide exceptional resources to their students. Additionally, the majority of students participate in the wide variety of extracurricular activities offered by Breck School.

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2. The Blake School

The Blake School
Photo courtesy of Redfin

The Blake School educates 1,327 students PK-12 across 3 campuses: Hopkins, Minneapolis and Wayzata. With an average classroom size of 16 students and a course emphasis in critical thinking and problem solving, it’s no surprise that test scores are above average and family satisfaction is high.

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1. St. Paul Academy & Summit School

St Paul Academy

Ranked the #1 private school in Minnesota, St. Paul Academy & Summit School instructs 869 students grade K-12. The average SAT score is 1970, 250 points above the national average. Additionally, the average ACT score is 31, 5 points above the national average. With discussion based learning and small class sizes, it makes for an excellent college preparatory school. While students and parents agree that St. Paul Academy is rigorous in every form, there is a 0% dissatisfaction rate.

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Contact us for more information on this study or to find a home near the school of your choice. While this list only shows the top 5 private schools in the state, Minnesota has hundreds of other fantastic education options for your children.

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