Spring Décor

After such a long winter, redecorating for spring can serve to lift our spirits rather than feel like a daunting project. There are ways to change up your decor to freshen up the look of your home. Here is a list of simple ways to incorporate a “springy” feel.

1. Decorate With Flowers
One of the easiest ways to brighten a room is by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers. Perfect for any room of the house, well-chosen blooms will lift your interior instantly with a pop of organic color.

2. Add Greenery
To keep that summery feel all year round, the trick is picking greenery that you might spot on a tropical vacation. Plus, compared to fresh-cut flowers, houseplants last much longer giving you a bigger bang for your decorating dollars.

3. Paint a Room
Different colors and shades of colors can change your mood and your perception on the things around you. For example the color blue is a color that most people associate with a sense of calm or coziness whereas yellow can symbolize warmth and optimism. Using one of the spring tones below is another way to envoque summer.

4. Switch Throw Pillows
If you are decorating your home for spring, then you will surely want to consider purchasing some spring throw pillows for different places in your home. Throw pillows are one of the most affordable decorations you can buy to refresh your home. They are inexpensive and make a big impact in shifting the overall atmosphere of your space.

Whether you chose to do one or all of the ideas above, it can be a good distraction as we all anxiously await warmer weather.


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