Easter Crafts

The Easter holiday is an ideal time to show off your craft skills. It’s all about getting creative and inventive with Easter egg decorations, coming up with lively, out-of-the-box Easter egg hunt ideas, decorating your home for those delicious Easter feasts with loved ones, or just celebrating Spring with colorful, cheerful crafts.

Easter Wreaths
While you may be decorating your home in spring décor, don’t forget to spruce up your front door with Easter wreaths. Nothing says “welcome home” like a well-dressed front door. Check out the directions at https://www.goodto.com/family/things-to-do/how-to-make-an-easter-wreath-from-egg-boxes-96774

Egg Candle Holders
If you make a few too many dyed Easter eggs, then crack open a couple and use their colorful shell as a tealight holder. Scatter them across the table or stick ’em in a ceramic egg tray for a bolder statement.

Peeps Mason Jar
Have the kids gather empty mason jars and their favorite vibrant paint colors to create these cute Peeps.
Get the tutorial from Mason Jar Crafts Love

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