Day Trips to Minnesota State Parks

With so many plans changing for this summer because of COVID-19, we thought of a few day trips to the State Parks from the Twin Cities that are open and easily enjoyed even with the current restrictions in place. Pack up a lunch, grab your mask and enjoy some time away from home, if only for a few hours!

Afton State Park – The hiking trails offer beautiful sights of the St. Croix River Valley.

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park – Trails lead to the gorgeous Hidden Falls waterfall.

Minneopa State Park – A Bison Range is available from Thursday – Tuesday.

Interstate State Park – Breathtaking cliffs and glacial potholes to explore.

Lake Maria State Park – Enjoy a hike around the lake or through the woods.

If a parking lot is full at a state park, the DNR is asking that you come back a different time so that social distancing policies can be followed within the park.


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