House Projects To Do Before The End of Summer

Summer calendars can fill up quickly with family and friend get togethers, vacations and lots of outdoor activities. With a few weeks left of summer, we’ve compiled a list of home projects that you could check off your list to get your home ready for fall and winter.


  1. Clean the gutters. With all the fresh foliage of summer; lots of leaves, brush and twigs can get stuck in your gutters. We always recommend clearing the gutters after the leaves fall in autumn but if you do it now as well, it will save you time later on.
  2. Clean your deck. Pick a mild day and apply a deck cleaning solution. If it is too hot, the cleaner will dry too quickly and won’t be as effective. Cleaning a deck can take years off its appearance.
  3. Clean your windows, inside and out. While you have your ladder out, take a little extra time to clean the outside of your windows. It will help your home sparkle and it is definitely not something you want to do in the winter.
  4. While you are working closely on your windows, note any gaps or areas that you can feel a draft. Be sure to caulk those areas before winter to save on your heating bills.
  5. If you have a chimney, inspect it and/or get it cleaned so that it is ready to be used in the fall and winter months.


We hope you enjoy the last weeks of summer!

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