Top Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Lake Home

Minnesotans are known for hitting the road on Friday evenings in the summer to spend the weekend at ‘the lake’. If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to own a lake property in the future, this post is for you. We’ve compiled the top ten things to consider when buying a lake home.

  1. How far away is the cabin from your year-round home? Is there traffic on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons that could make the trip longer? Are there multiple routes to get to the home if need be?
  2. Is the home suitable for year round use? Make sure you know how closing down a home for winter versus keeping it open will impact your budget.
  3. What recreational opportunities are available on the lake? Kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing? Some lakes are better suited than others for particular kinds of activities.
  4. Is the lake stocked with fish? What species?
  5. Does the lake have a public access point? If so, how much additional boat traffic should you expect because of it?
  6. Are there restrictions on what kinds of boats or jet skis are allowed on the lake?
  7. Does the lake maintain its water level or does it go up and down depending on rain fall? Are you in a flood zone that will require additional insurance coverage?
  8. Is the shoreline sandy, rocky or muddy? How easy is it to access the shoreline from your home? Are there restrictions about how the shoreline can be modified?
  9. Is there an association that governs the lake and the homes on it? What things do they control and is there a fee associated with it?
  10. What is mosquito season like? :)


Like other real estate transactions, it is very important to have a realtor that you trust when you are looking at lake front properties. We have partnerships all over the state and country, so regardless of where your lake home is, Team Lucky Duck can help make your dreams of owning a lake home a reality. Contact us for all your real estate needs!

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