The Importance of Home Staging

Many sellers ask what things they can do to get their home in the best-showing condition possible prior to listing their home. We love it when homes show well, but we also do not want our clients to break the bank staging their home for sale. Here is a short list of inexpensive items sellers can do fairly easily to help their home show at its best.

Nice one-family house with a porch

1. Pack up the family photos
While we know you love your family and your home is a great place to display all of your loved ones, we want to have potential buyers picture themselves in your home. Removing family photos helps them do that and not focus on who may live in the home currently.

2. Neutralize rooms that are heavily themed or have lots of memorabilia
Collecting antiques or sports memorabilia is fun, but the last thing we want is for it to be so overwhelming the buyer cannot look beyond it to see the space in the home. Consider packing up some of your items (especially if they have sentimental or monetary value) so they are out of the way and not distracting to the buyer.

3. Make sure entrance is decluttered and welcoming
You only get one shot to make a first impression. Making sure the entryway to your home is clean and welcoming is key to helping buyers feel at home.

2015 Popular Paint Colors

4. Paint Touch Up
Simple paint touch up can go a long way and is relatively inexpensive. If you have a room that is a super bright color or got paint on the ceiling the last time you painted room doing a little touch up will make a big difference. Neutral paint colors tend to be the best as they tend to appeal to the largest amount of people.

5. Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans
You’ll be amazed what a quick wipe down of a light fixture or ceiling fan can do – and it’s free! Be sure to wash any glass globes on the light fixtures too. We want those fixtures to sparkle!

Moving boxes in new house. New apartment background.

6. Pack up items that are bulky or take up a lot of space in a room
While that old pinball machine is super cool, but it might also make a room feel really small. Walk through your home and see if there are any large items that are taking up a lot of space that could be moved. Often times dining rooms, basements and bedrooms (with big bulky furniture) are the biggest offenders here.

7. Condense your dining room table.
Make the table as small as possible to make the room appear spacious and as large as possible. This is a quick free fix that can make your home feel extra spacious.

8. Focus on small staging items.
A new shower curtain or fresh flowers can easily freshen up a room.

Maid Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

9. Consider cleaning the carpet
Many people have carpet in fine condition so this one may not apply to your home, but if you have carpet that could use some freshening up this might be a good idea. Many companies offer deals to have carpets cleaned or many rental companies also offer carpet cleaning machines for a relatively low cost.

10. Be mindful of smells
Showings can pop up at any time so avoid making any food that can have a lingering smell (unless it’s fresh baked cookies of course). We do not want the smell of a home to distract someone from buying. Also, do not overdo it with air fresheners. One or two in the home will typically suffice. Much more than that can be overwhelming and cause the buyers to question what scent you may be trying to cover up.


11. Leave the Lights on for showings
Homes show best when buyers can walk in, see the home and not have to search for light switches. Lighting goes a long way so make sure all of the lights are on during showings. This includes lamps and under-cabinet lighting if you have it.

12. Curb appeal is key
It is amazing what a freshly cut lawn, blooming flowers or shoveled driveway can do to make a home appear welcoming. Some people may consider repainting shutters or the exterior of the home depending on the home’s condition and seller’s budget.

If you have any questions on staging your home, we are more than happy to provide additional information. Contact us here.


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