Prepare Your Home For Winter

It is September in Minnesota, which means that winter weather is just around the corner. Don’t let the first snow fall catch you unprepared. Here are three essential tips that will make the cold months easier on your home and you. Clean The Gutters Getting the leaves, sticks and other debris out of your gutters in the fall can save you hassle and money when … Continue reading Prepare Your Home For Winter

DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to intermix function and style. Here are some fun DIY ideas about how to spruce up your backyard and light the way at your next BBQ or bonfire. DIY Wine Bottle Torches You can try this idea with any bottle, not just wine. To mix up the look try it with a brown or green bottle. Source – whenthepigsfly … Continue reading DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

The Importance of Home Staging

Many sellers ask what things they can do to get their home in the best-showing condition possible prior to listing their home. We love it when homes show well, but we also do not want our clients to break the bank staging their home for sale. Here is a short list of inexpensive items sellers can do fairly easily to help their home show at … Continue reading The Importance of Home Staging

4 Quick Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The value of your home can make a huge difference to your financial life. As value increases, it can remove the PMI on your mortgage payment or it might help you sell your home at a higher price point. Here are four things you can do quickly and easily to add value to your home. 1)Paint  A fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive way … Continue reading 4 Quick Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The Best Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs For Your Home

Millennials are ranked as the most environmentally conscious generation. According to Sustainable Brands, studies have shown we are more likely to support stricter environmental laws and to pay more for responsibly made products. So as we transition into higher standards of our environmental impact, it’s important to pay attention to your light bulbs. Due to the passing of the Energy Independence and Security Act, you … Continue reading The Best Eco-Friendly Lightbulbs For Your Home