Featured Vendor Friday – HSA Home Warranty

Having a warranty when you purchase your new home can save you a lot of stress and money. Today we have Kim LIndquist from HSA Home Warranty to answer some frequently asked questions on what a home warranty can do for you.

kim lindquist

TLD: What exactly is a home warranty?

HSA: It’s a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company that provides repairs and replacement services on a home’s major components.

TLD: And what kind of components does that include?

HSA: An easy way to remember it is PEACH: plumbing, electrical, appliances, cool and heating.

TLD: Why is it good to have a home warranty?

HSA: Homeowners put a lot of money into their downpayment and as a result they may have limited additional savings built up to fix issues that pop up. However 2-4 mechanical issues happen in your home per year and a home warranty will help protect you. If we can’t repair it, we will replace it. With the exception of a small deductible, you wouldn’t have to cover the cost.

TLD: How long does coverage last?

HSA: Coverage for the buyer lasts 1 year from the closing date.

TLD: What is the process like to file a claim?

HSA: Call us at 1.800.367.1448 or go online to MyHomeWarranty.com and it takes less than 5 minutes to file a claim. Within 4 hours a vendor will reach out to set up an appointment that fits best for you.

TLD: Is a home warranty different than having homeowner’s insurance?

HSA: Yes, they are different. We don’t take the place of insurance, we enhance it. Insurance will cover different things, such as leaks or roof damage.

TLD: How many claims have been filed this year alone?

HSA: By the end of the year we will have done more than $2million in service claims.

TLD: What sets HSA apart from other home warranty companies?

HSA: We have been in business for 28 years and we always have someone to help with coverage. We have better coverage on larger items and fewer non-covered items. Energy companies will typically not pay for replacements, where we do. And best of all, they have me! Haha, all jokes aside, I make sure I am reachable to both my real estate agents and their clients.

Kim covers the Twin Cities south metro area down to Austin, Minnesota and over to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. However, HSA is a national company and they have representatives ready to help you anywhere in the United States. You can reach Kim at kim.lindquist@onlinehsa.com or you can find your local representative on their website.

We appreciate all of your hard work and the business standards of HSA. Thank you for being so passionate about your job and answering all of our questions about home warranties, Kim!

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