Tips & Tricks for Relocating

Sometimes a move means not only changing homes but changing cities or states. Maybe it’s for a job, a relationship, or a change of scenery. No matter the reason, relocating can be stressful and we want to add some strategies to make it as manageable as possible.

Find A Good Realtor

You may need to sell your home before you move and a good realtor will make that one less thing you have to worry about. More importantly, the realtor your hire to help find your new home in your new city will be one of the most valuable resources in the whole process. Because they already live in the area, they will be able to provide insight on neighborhoods, realistic commute times, and any location specific questions you will have. Whether you’re relocating to or from Minnesota, Team Lucky Duck would love to help you out! We have a large network of fantastic agents to help you throughout the country and we are experts on the Minnesota housing market.

Measure Your New Cost of Living

The economic landscape in your new city can be drastically different than where you currently live. Be sure to use a Cost of Living calculator to make sure you’re prepared to cover your living expenses. CNN Money has a helpful tool to get you started.

Get Organized

Packing for an out-of-state move requires a lot of organization. The last thing you want is to be unaware of where your items are amid a sea of boxes. Pack by room and label each box clearly. That way movers will know where boxes go and unpacking will be systematic. Additionally, when you need something, you’ll immediately know which box to look in.

Update Your Information

There’s a long list of changes that will need to be made with your move.

  • Find a new bank, doctor, dentist, daycare, etc.
  • Don’t forget to have all utilities set up and transferred into your name for move-in day.
  • Get your new drivers license and register your car in your new state.
  • Be sure to make note of emergency contacts too!

Build Your New Community

It can be intimidating leaving the network of friends, family and coworkers you built in your current city. Here are some tricks to being open to new experiences and meeting new people:

  • Checkout or the local Community Education to meet people with similar interests in activities as you.
  • Get lost on purpose. As you drive around, take some time to take a new route to your typical spots. Maybe even ditch your GPS. You might learn of a new restaurant or how to navigate a different part of town.

Congrats on this exciting transition! We are always happy to answer any questions throughout your relocation process. 

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