Volunteering with Every Third Saturday

Especially in November we try volunteer with a program that serves veterans. This year we went back to Every Third Saturday (ETS). They provide clothing and services to veterans who are transitioning to civilian life or who are experiencing homelessness. It is a resource center that provides a community with other veterans and their families to help veterans discover new purpose after their military service. We first learned and volunteered with Every Third Saturday several years ago and we are thrilled to see the vision that they had come to life.

In May, ETS moved into a new building and expanded their services for veterans to include a fitness center, art classes, as well as specialized classes in areas such as employment, finances, relationships, health, and faith. ETS has an expanded coffee shop, Rick’s Coffee Bar. Customers have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of local veterans and their families through their purchases at Rick’s Coffee Bar as the proceeds help support the Veteran’s Training Center, as well as the mission of ETS.

This year we helped sort and package new socks that had been donated to ETS. Many veterans who are experiencing homelessness are in need of clean & warm socks, especially as we head into the winter months. Red Wing Shoes donated a huge amount of socks and are also donating over 250 pairs of boots to ETS at their monthly event in November. Every veteran who attends the event will receive a free pair of boots. If they run out of a size, Red Wing Shoes will make sure the Veterans receives one soon after the event. Check out Every Third Saturday’s website at https://everythirdsaturday.org/ to see all the great work they are doing to support our Veteran community.

We’d love to volunteer at an organization that you support. Please reach out to us if you know of a program that could use our help!

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