Keller Williams Virtual Family Reunion

In an unprecedented year, Keller Williams took its annual Family Reunion Conference to a virtual platform. One of our favorite things about being part of Keller Williams is the innovation and education that is an integral part of the company. Because the conference was shared online, all of us got to go and learn from experts within the company from all over the country. We are thrilled to be able to take those lessons back to our everyday practice and share it with our clients and fellow agents.

There was a lot of discussion regarding interest rates, the economy and what is going on in the housing market. Much of what was shared from all over the country is what we are experiencing in Minnesota. With interest rates continuing to be historically low but a lack of inventory of houses for sale, the supply and demand is creating a strong seller’s market. To hear other realtors experience and then dive into the data with Keller Williams International, it supports what we and our clients are experiencing in our local market.

Keller Williams is also bringing the most up to date tech to its agents. With huge strides in tech in the last few years, we have taken advantage of the progress and have implemented it into our client experience. During this conference, we learned about what is on the horizon and what features are being rolled out this year. As with most technologies, it is ever changing and improving and we are excited to continue learning.

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