Volunteering at the Veterans Home

In November, we always try to volunteer with an organization that serves Veterans. This year, we went to the Minneapolis Veteran’s Home to play Bingo with the residents. The Veteran’s home has more than 341 veterans or spouses that live there either in nursing or domiciliary care. They also have an adult day care center that has space for 35 adults.

Getting the chance to interact and do something that the veteran’s enjoy was so fun. The resident that Kelly played with, Mike, won the first round of Bingo! Unfortunately, Cole & Corey’s partners were not as lucky this time and did not get a Bingo. The prize is 75 cents and 50 cents to each person sitting beside the winner. Playing that way makes it really fun as the whole table is rooting for each other. Coverall is a favorite of the veterans and a great way to finish off the day!


We love giving back to organizations in our community and especially for causes that are so close to our heart.  We are always looking for different organizations that could use our help,  if you know of one, please reach out to us!

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