Keller Williams Mega Camp

This August, Carly and Kelly attended the annual Keller Williams conference Mega Camp in Austin, Texas. The Austin Convention Center was filled with over 8,000 Keller Williams agents, teams and KW staff. Our days were spent learning from some of the most successful people in our industry.

We also heard a ton about the technology that Keller Williams is rolling out to their agents. Unlike many other industries, real estate does not have a central platform to support agents and teams, instead we use many different systems to run our businesses. Keller Williams is and will continue to change that. They have built the first platform for real estate agents that will allow most, if not all, of the operations, marketing, checklists, documents to be in one system. The goal of the platform is allow real estate agents to do what they do best, work with clients.


Team Lucky Duck has already started to implement the new platform and we can’t wait for the new consumer app for home searches to be completed so that we can share it with our clients. The app is in testing with Google but should be ready for our clients by the end of the year. Check out the video below for a peek of what the app will be like.


We are so thrilled to be in business with Keller Williams and this is one big reason why.  They are creating and giving us and our clients the most cutting edge technology available. Team Lucky Duck strives for our clients to have the best real estate experience possible and with the new technology, our goal is to enhance that experience even more.


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