Flood Prevention and Maintenance

It is finally starting to feel like spring in Minnesota but with so much snow this winter, flooding and water in homes has become a huge issue for our clients and friends. We put together a list of a few quick and easy things to do that could prevent water intrusion and major headaches.

  • Clear the storm drains on your street.
  • You may want to shovel the snow away from your house so that melting is not directly on the home.
  • Make sure the downspouts of your gutters are clear and have a path to drain away from your home.
  • Make sure back flow valves are installed.
  • Check any window wells of egress windows. You may want to remove any excess snow.
  • Add a floor sensor to make sure you are alerted immediately to any water and can start managing any issues as quickly as possible.
  • Check your sump pump and make sure it is in working order. You may want to consider adding a battery back up.

If you find that water is entering the home and need to make corrections for next year, some of the most common things to check are if the gutters are open and if the lot is correctly graded to have water flow away from the home.

Image result for snow melting clipart black and white

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