Volunteering with Lakeville School District

Team Lucky Duck spent some time with Lakeville’s Ready, Set, Achieve! program this month. Ready, Set, Achieve! hosts a large event as school begins to give school supplies, as well as clothing to families that attend school or live within the Lakeville Area Public School District that are in need. Red pens, composition notebooks and coats and jackets were the items that were in most need this year.

We first sorted through some of the donated school supplies and organized them into bins so that students and families could easily select what they needed.


After the school supplies were sorted, we started moving the event supplies and the donations received at the high school over to the Crystal Lake Education Building, where the event will take place. Donations were collected from staff members throughout the year so there were a lot of items to transport.


It was a great afternoon to give back to a district that Team Lucky Duck loves! Zach & Carly grew up in the district, Carly’s mom and brother are teachers in Lakeville Schools and now with  Zach & Carly moving back to Lakeville, their ducklings will attend the schools (once they are old enough, of course).


We’d love to volunteer at an organization that you support. Please reach out to us if you know of a program that could use our help!

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