Decluttering Your Space

Springtime usually sparks the idea of cleaning and decluttering your space. But why not get a head start on a cold winter day when you are already cooped up in the house? We created a list of 5 quick tips to declutter and organize your home and stuff!


  1. Start with the space or area of your home or apartment that bothers you the most. Then within that area, work on the stuff that you can see. For example, if you are tackling your bedroom, focus on clearing the nightstands, top of dressers before you dive into your closet.
  2. Don’t plan to organize for 8 hours straight, but rather pick a room and work on that for a few hours. Gather 4 bags in advance, you’ll have one for each of these categories: put away/keep, donate, trash and recyle.
  3. Be sure to finish what you started working on. If you have bags of items to drop off at the goodwill, then be sure to put them in your vehicle and plan a time to actually drop them off.
  4. Don’t expect your room or area to look “magazine perfect”. What you should strive for is that the space is functional for you and your family. You have to live in the space unlike a magazine that is staged just for photos.
  5. Try the Oprah Winfrey closet challenge. Turn all your hangers one direction and then as you wear the clothes turn the hanger the other way. After about 6 months, you’ll get a good sense of what clothes you’ve worn and therefore should keep versus clothes that are just cluttering your closet. This tip will help you make the decisions about what to keep really easy.

One of the most common tips that we give potential sellers is to declutter their homes. If you are thinking that selling might be in your future, you can use these tips to start slowly so decluttering isn’t a huge task when you decide to sell. If you, your friends or family are considering buying, selling or investing in real estate, please send them our way. We would love to earn their business and take great care of them by providing five star service.

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