Books for Africa

We volunteered this month at Books for Africa. This organization collects donated books and ships them to countries in Africa. The only thing that the countries pay for are the shipping costs.

Books for Africa has been operating for 29 years and they have shipped to nearly all the African countries. There are a few that they haven’t been able to reach because of political reasons. In 2015, Nigeria received the most shipments. Through the history of the organization Ghana has received the most at 277.


Our job was to sort through the donated books and pack them for shipping. Books for Africa sends fiction and non-fiction books. Many of the books we looked through were text books and we sent anything that was in good shape and published within the last 15 years.

Team Lucky Duck was happy to donate a few hours of time to help this organization. We packed almost an entire container that is now ready to be shipped to children and students who are eager to have the opportunity to learn. We’d love to volunteer at an organization that you support. Please reach out to us if you know of a program that could use our help.

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