10 Moving Tips

Moving is sometimes considered one of the most stressful life events. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help make it go a little more smoothly.


  1. Plan to spend a few hours after closing to clean. Everyone’s idea of clean is a little bit different, even though sellers will clean their home, it may not be up to your standards. If it is clean to your standards then you have a little bit of extra time to unpack.
  2. Pack an overnight bag, it’ll save you time to have everything you need in one spot until you manage to get all your boxes unpacked.
  3. Label the boxes on the side- that way you can read the label while the boxes are stacked. Include the room that the boxes should go into. If you decide to hire movers, this will be very helpful for them as well.
  4. Set up your utilities before you move- if they get disconnected instead of just transferred there can sometimes be a fee to reconnect them.
  5. Pack items like luggage, bags, totes and trunks to save on boxes.
  6. Use press and seal saran wrap to keep items in drawers and move them without removing the contents.
  7. Make the beds as soon as the beds are set up, that way you can just fall into them after a long day of moving.
  8. Use socks, clothes or blankets for padding instead of bubble wrap. It will save money and resources.
  9. Take a picture of how your electronics are set up. With many cords and plugs, the pictures will help jog your memory on how they all go back together.
  10. Feed everyone who is helping you move, even if you have hired a moving company, a little pizza goes a long way to keep everyone’s spirits up and the momentum going until the end of the day.

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If you or a friend are thinking of moving, please let us know. We would love to help wherever you are in the process.

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