Getting Ready to Sell?

Are you thinking about selling your house this spring or summer? We’ve created a list of inexpensive fixes and updates to do before you put it on the market. Most of these you can do fairly inexpensively.

Curb Appeal

window-boxesPhoto courtesy of cites that buyers decide if a house is the one within the first 30 seconds of seeing it. Spend some time to clean the exterior of your home. A fresh coat of paint for your front door can change the whole look of a house. Plant flowers or add window boxes for a quick splash of color. Make sure your house number is visible, this makes it much easier for potential buyers to spot your home!


cabinetsPhoto courtesy of

The walls of your home should be clean and bright. Adding a modern, neutral coat of paint is an easy way to showcase your home to potential buyers. We suggest a shade of white, grey or beige. If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, a neutral white paint gives them a fresh new look.

Knobs, Handles, Hardware

Image result for hardware before and afterPhoto courtesy of

Take a peek at your fixtures. You can update them to brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze to put a modern touch into your home. Knobs and handles are inexpensive at any home improvement store and are easy to put on yourself.

Light Fixtures

Image result for before and after light fixturesPhoto courtesy of

Lighting is one of the most important features of a home. It can set the tone of a showing very quickly. Ask yourself if you have enough lights to make your home bright and welcoming. If not, switch out your bulbs to the brightest available and if need be, add a few extra lamps. A common misconception is that light fixtures are expensive to  update but there are some modern and affordable options that can shift the tone of a room dramatically.

Clean the Carpet or Update Flooring

carpetPhoto courtesy of

Cleaning the carpet can make a huge impact during showings. It can freshen a room, remove unnecessary odors and it is relatively inexpensive. If you have vinyl flooring, make sure it is a neutral color and doesn’t have any holes or tears. If you have hardwood, you can add shine with a hardwood polish or have it refinished if necessary.

declutterPhoto courtesy of

Before you list your house for sale, walk through and evaluate the furniture. Are there things that can be removed to make a room feel larger? If your tables has 6 chairs, can you remove 2 to give make the room seem larger? Make sure potential buyers can imagine their own life in this house. Take down personal photos and pieces with your specific style. Try to stick with neutral artwork and decor. Zach and Carly will walk through your home during your listing appointment and give you tips and advice on how to prepare to have the best showings possible.

If you or a friend are thinking of selling this summer, please let us know. We would love to help wherever you are in the process.




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