Fall Decorating

Happy Fall! With the weather changing and the leaves falling it definitely feels like autumn in Minnesota. If you are anything like us, the change in weather brings up thoughts about pulling on sweaters and cozy nights. Here are a few ideas to embrace the season and decorate your home.

Credit and details: C Sincerely Jean

Credit and details: My Blessed Life

publication1 Credit and details: viewfromthefridge.com

A Rustic Wood Sign Communicates Volumes

Credit and details: shanty-2-chic.com


Credit and details: mygourmetconnection.com

To really get in the spirit when you are creating some of these ideas or even just relaxing on an fall night try one of these recipes to make your house smell like the season.

Credit and details: livedan300.com

Credit and details: craftylumberjacks.blogspot.com

We hope you use some of these decorating tips or recipes to warm up your home and to savor the fall- the seasons will change again before we know it.

Happy Fall!

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