Workout Options In the Twin Cities

Maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to get in shape. Or maybe it’s so cold that your outdoor gym is no longer an option. The Twin Cities has several options to help you get your sweat on, no matter what type of workout you prefer.

Orange Theory

This heart rate-based workout is all about making your hour the most efficient calorie burn possible. Locations can be found all across the Twin Cities and they have several membership options.

The Shed

In the heart of Uptown, The Shed is focussed on group classes in workshop form, all designed to help you “shed” those extra pounds.


With a mix of conditioning, yoga and barre classes, you can get a full body workout every single time at Sparrow. Located in Eagan, they offer small group classes because they believe it makes you work as hard as possible.

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is a full-service workout club that has cardio, weights, pools, group fitness, physical training, daycare, and health classes.

Anytime Fitness

They weren’t kidding with the name “Anytime Fitness.” Locations are opened 24/7 so you have unlimited access to a good workout.

Planet Fitness

Remove the bells and whistles to get the basic fitness equipment from Planet Fitness. For the smallest price tag on the market, you can use cardio and weight equipment and you can sign up for a Black Card to get even more benefits.


If you’re ready for high intensity, dynamic workouts, you might consider Crossfit. They switch up the workouts so often that they claim you won’t have to do the same workout more than twice in any given year. Now that will keep your attention!

Corepower Yoga

If you’re looking to improve your yoga practice, Corepower is a highly successful studio with locations across the Twin Cities. Classes range from beginner to advanced and have varying levels of heat.

Class Pass

And if you can’t decide between studios, you can always try out Class Pass, which allows you to try out several studios each month. You can visit each studio up to 3 times per month.

What is your favorite workout? Are there any fitness studios we missed?




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