The Power of Listing Photos

The majority of house hunting is done online these days and the first thing everyone wants to see is the listing’s photos. These pictures can mean the difference of someone wanting to see the house in person or not. These pictures can spark the imagination of the viewer and will help them understand if they could see their family in this house.

That is why having a professional photographer is crucial to getting your home sold quickly and at top dollar. Not only is the quality of the picture important but what’s IN the pictures makes all the difference.

Here are some examples of what NOT to do:



And be sure no one is stuck in the picture either, like this one:


I wish we could say those were fake but those have actually been seen on home search websites. Now here’s what a well-staged, well-photographed home looks like:




We pride ourselves on making sure our clients’ homes are in great shape to show to potential buyers. When you’re considering realtors, be sure to see examples of listing photos to make sure your home will be seen in its best light.



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