How to Survive Black Friday

People have been using the day after Thanksgiving as a shopping holiday since the 1920’s but the term “Black Friday” wasn’t coined until the 1960’s when retailers’ accounting systems would go from red (negative) to black (positive). The holiday’s popularity continues to grow each year and has even overflowed into Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday.

We’re here to help navigate the challenges of finding the best deal amongst the toughest crowds while still enjoying your Thanksgiving.

Download Apps
Several stores, like Target, will provide additional discounts through their store’s apps.

Analyze Ads/Coupons
Sometime ads will appear flashy but make sure it’s truly a good discount to make it worth your time.

Finish your Turkey
There is no doorbuster deal out there that is more important than time with loved ones. Don’t forget to be thankful for a delicious Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.

Map Your Plan
Make a list of the stores you plan to visit and then map out the most efficient route. Some stores open earlier than others so know where you’re going first, second, third, etc.

Leave the Kids at Home
Let your kids get a good night sleep and remove the worry of keeping track of them in the large, rushed crowds.

But Don’t Shop Alone
Bring a buddy or two for a better strategy and of course more fun. That way one person can drop you off at the door and navigate parking while you wait in line. It will be easier to divide and conquer throughout the store to minimize your time while still getting all the good deals.

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Ahead of Time
The last thing you want to do is waste time at the gas station instead getting a coveted spot in line. Be proactive and get gas the day or two before.

Drive Carefully
People will be in a mad rush but be sure to stay calm behind the wheel. Don’t negate your savings on Christmas shopping with a car accident.

Use a Cross-Shoulder Bag 
Your hands will be full of merchandise so use a cross-shoulder bag to carry your phone, wallet and personal items. This strategy also makes it more difficult for you to accidentally set your purse down and for pickpockets to steal from you.

Bring Water, Snack and Coffee
Shopping often happens in the middle of the night so make sure you’re well-hydrated, caffeinated and comfortably full. Don’t get hangry and become one of those pushy, violent Black Friday goers.

Carry Unmarked Bags
If you’re shopping for high-end products, it is wise to bring unmarked bags to carry your merchandise. It will be less appealing to steal your bags and it could deter car break-ins.

Or Take the REI Approach
Many stores are waiting until after Thanksgiving to open their doors and this year, REI is closing entirely. They are encouraging their shoppers to get outside and enjoy the outdoors instead of spending the day drenched in consumerism. Not a bad move, REI.
If you want to avoid the crowds entirely, there is never a stampede in the housing market. We would love to help you look for a new home and with interest rates the way they are, it’s one of the best deals you’ll find all year! Click here to start looking at properties.

No matter how you spend Black Friday, we hope it’s a successful and fun day for you and your family.






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