Featured Vendor Friday – Josh Lund with Gold Star Financial

We have been fortunate enough to provide several quality lender options to our clients and today we have Josh Lund from Gold Star Financial to answer our questions.

Team Lucky Duck: How long have you been in the mortgage business?

Josh Lund: 15 years now!

TLD: What got you into the business?

JL: I was a young car salesman who sold a car to a guy in the mortgage industry. As he filled out his credit application, he entered that his monthly income was $25,000 a month. I tried to correct him that it was monthly, not annually and he said that it was indeed accurate. Two weeks later, I was working for him at a small midwest company.

TLD: How did you come to work at Gold Star Financial?

JL: I made my way through a few mortgage companies before the market collapsed in 2007. A small group of lenders joined me to open our own mortgage company, AMEC (American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc). After 4 years I had a different vision and wanted to provide services nationwide. That’s how I found Gold Star Financial.

TLD: So now you’re able to help people outside of Minnesota?

JL: Correct. From California to New Jersey, Wisconsin to Florida, I am licensed in 15 different states.

TLD: What else sets you apart from other mortgage lenders?

JL: I am also a licensed real estate broker so I understand the real estate industry better. I can read contracts and I have access to the MLS to be more helpful to our clients.

TLD: What financing options does Gold Star Financial offer?

JL: We have a lot of different programs and products. Every lender will offer FHA and VA loans but our programs are stronger in both range and depth. We can help anyone from those with the lowest credit scores to the high end clients.

TLD: What are some best practices you recommend when helping a client prepare to buy a home?

JL: Best practices change all the time depending on the market. The one thing that never changes is that they must be looking forward to becoming a homeowner. It is one thing to be able to afford it but it’s another to be ready for the responsibility for homeownership. There’s no landlord to save the day when the dishwasher breaks and no one will snow blow your driveway for you.

TLD: What are some new initiatives that Gold Star Financial has coming out?

JL: As of November 1st we rolled out full underwriting pre-approval. While you’re looking for homes, we’re underwriting the file so when it’s time to make an offer, we can provide a full underwritten loan document. You will no longer have to wait 45 days to close so you can compete with cash offers.

We must say, Josh has been able to navigate some of the more complicated cases we’ve encountered and we appreciate all the work he does for us and our clients. If you have any questions for Josh, you may contact him here. Thank you Josh for taking the time to answer our questions for Featured Vendor Friday!

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