Featured Vendor Friday: Titan Heating & Cooling

As a homeowner in Minnesota, you will find days where you run both your air conditioning and heat in the same week or day. It is important to have a reliable heating and cooling (HVAC) company on hand for maintenance and repairs. This Friday we are featuring our favorite HVAC company, Titan Heating & Cooling, out of St. Paul.

Team Lucky Duck: What kind of services does an HVAC company typically offer?

Titan Heating & Cooling: We can install or repair air conditioning and heating systems. Additionally, we can clean air ducts and vents.

TLD: Why is it important to have regular maintenance on a heating and cooling system?

THC: Just like your car needs an oil change to prevent issues and maintain its performance, the same goes for your HVAC systems.

TLD: How often do you recommend my systems get serviced?

THC: Every fall and spring is recommended. However, don’t go more than 2 years without a checkup. You should have your ducts cleaned every 2-5 years as well.

TLD: In addition to regular service checks, what can a homeowner do to keep their systems well-maintained?

THC: They can check and replace their furnace and air filters monthly and keep an ear out for any odd noises. Additionally, keep your outdoor A/C unit free of debris and at least 1 foot away from shrubbery.

TLD: What are important things to look for when choosing an HVAC company to clean or repair your systems?

THC: Experience is crucial. You will be able to tell by online reviews if the work is done well and if customers are happy. It is also good to find a company that guarantees their work and will continue to make service calls until the issue is resolved. That is something we’re committed to at Titan Heating & Cooling.

TLD: What else sets you apart from other HVAC companies?

THC: We have been a family owned and operated business since 1999. We’re the most upfront and honest company that we know of in the area. We also belong to several home advisor companies, including Lowes, Home Depot and Menards, and we have a 5 star rating with the Better Business Bureau.

TLD: Well we certainly appreciate your business standards and we know our clients have been happy with the work you do.

If you have any needs for your air conditioning or especially your furnace as we head into winter, you can contact Titan Heating & Cooling here. A big thank you to Titan Heating & Cooling for the work you do and taking the time to answer our questions!

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